Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chocolate ice cream

Chocolate ice cream is a acidity of ice cream. It is the additional a lot of accepted acidity of ice cream, afterwards vanilla. Oh.My.God. In his prologue to this compound in The Perfect Scoop, David Lebovitz says that if he aboriginal fabricated this ice  cream it was so good. This bootleg Amber Ice  cream  has a affably affluent amber acidity and a cottony bland texture.


1 1/2 ounces absinthian amber powder, about 1/2 cup
3 cups half-and-half
1 cup abundant cream
8 ample egg yolks
9 ounces sugar
2 teaspoons authentic boilerplate extract


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Place the amber crumb forth with 1 cup of the half-and-half into a average bucket over average calefaction and barrel to combine. Add the actual half-and-half and the abundant cream. Bring the admixture just to a simmer, active occasionally, and abolish from the heat.

In a average bond basin barrel the egg yolks until they lighten in color. Gradually add the amoroso and barrel to combine. Temper the chrism admixture into the eggs and amoroso by gradually abacus baby amounts, until about 1/3 of the chrism admixture has been added. Pour in the butt and acknowledgment the absolute admixture to the bucket and abode over low heat. Continue to cook, active frequently, until the admixture thickens hardly and coats the aback of a beanery and alcove 170 to 175 degrees F. Pour the admixture into a alembic and acquiesce to sit at allowance temperature for 30 minutes. Stir in the boilerplate extract. Abode the admixture into the refrigerator and already it is air-conditioned abundant not to anatomy abstract on the lid, awning and abundance for 4 to 8 hours or until the temperature alcove 40 degrees F or below.
Pour into an ice chrism maker and action according to the manufacturer's directions. This should yield about 25 to 35 minutes. Serve as is for bendable serve or benumb for addition 3 to 4 hours to acquiesce the ice chrism to harden.

Source: food network


Anonymous said...

I love chocolate, and also like ice cream. thank you for sharing how to make chocolate ice cream. I like it.

Amallia Eka Widyastuti said...

never ignore chocolate

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